MsRcfDmAeSQANov 28 200711:23:32MapSourcetW001 C!r6pGet on S Main St and drive northeastPW002 CYr6PW003 C)L~PW004 C/GsPW005 C!GsnW042 C!GsGet on Ramp and drive westCTW043 C /z cCTW044 C  z 8~CW045 C:  L#Take exit 1 to the right onto Quechee Main StCrW046 C8*u \5Turn left onto Quechee Main StCoW047 C M> LBear right onto Costello RdCqW048 C'1]H Turn left onto Old Quechee RdCqW049 C]r ҂Turn left onto Old Quechee RdCrW088 C|dV ΂/Turn right onto Old Quechee RdCTW089 C!d l`CrW090 C ]!#g*ZGet on Hwy 107 and drive southwestPW091 C].p*ZPW092 CI@0Z'\VPW093 CI!fZ'\VwW1008 C!m!nh^(Get on Ford Hill Rd and drive east@CUW1009 C!mh^(@CoW1010 C8mw?>_+Turn left onto Leshures Rd@CUW1011 C mLd,)@CUW1012 CLpݺj .(@CUW1013 CpM7j/@CUW1014 Cp!7j/@C~W1023 Cp!7j/Get on Burrington Hill Rd and drive north`CUW1024 CpMP7j/`CUW1025 CIpc| 8k/`CUW1026 CDpz|~k/0`CqW1027 Cp߅Gl/)Turn right onto Town Hill Rd`CnW1028 CpYpl/aTurn left onto Goodnow Rd`CUW1029 Cp.m1`CUW1030 Cp!,.m1`CxW1037 C#p!k :Get on Stage Rd and drive southwestCUW1038 C#pk :QCUW1039 C=mu@c28CzW1040 C;mpx R@*`p8Turn right onto Jacksonville Stage RdCUW1041 C l5@2Vh1 CUW1042 C)jS*Ph.CUW1043 C)j!jS*Ph.CuW1065 C)j!jS*Ph.Get on Mohawk Trl and drive east%CUW1066 C)j%S*Ph.%CnW1067 C_NyNCTurn left onto N River Rd%CkW1068 C7]WUH,PF8Turn left onto Main St%CUW1069 C8]U:IQG%CUW1070 C]UF LQG%CUW1071 C|YLVXM%CUW1072 C|![ L]XM%CwW1096 C m! 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