MsRcfDmAeSQANov 28 200711:23:32MapSourcetW001 C!r6Get on S Main St and drive northeastPW002 CYr6iW003 C c~ Turn right onto Ramp rampPW004 C! cnW009 C!l cGet on Ramp and drive east<CTW010 C @}<CTW011 ClG }TB<CW012 C Pb.Take exit 17 to the right onto Dartmouth College Hwy<CyW013 CI{$Turn right onto Dartmouth College Hwy<CTW014 CKz^֦T<CTW015 C. wN{~4<CTW016 C Ry "b<CTW017 C#8Uz<CTW018 C%{Vt y|< <CTW019 C+ :y{ <CTW020 C* >y <ClW021 C- H?){ Keep left onto Parker St<ClW022 C- ?[{ 5Keep left onto Parker St<CTW023 C1 A| r<CTW024 C!|h <CTW025 C'!>h n<CTW026 C'ߓ>9<CTW027 C'o}=<CTW028 C%o<b%&<CTW029 Cto%(<CuW030 C&op= )KTurn right onto Mt Moosilauke Hwy<CTW031 C/,4 <CTW032 Cqn &<CgW033 Cqɦ5n . Keep left onto Road<CwW034 C-qo, ^Keep right onto Tenney Mountain Hwy<CTW035 Cq&?& <CvW036 C 7;&?J  Keep left onto Tenney Mountain Hwy<CTW037 C uiq?<CuW038 C>ԏ Ե TExit right onto ramp onto Main St<CkW039 Cڵ5 GTurn right onto Main St<CTW040 C4(48<CTW041 C4!(48<CsW057 C4!(48Get on Bridge St and drive eastCTW058 C4(48VCTW059 Cm/'vCTW060 C:15JCTW061 C.X80 ]CTW062 C~.8 CqW063 C' ,88^Turn left onto Scenic View RdCpW064 C']6 6Turn left onto Squam Lake RdCTW065 C*h;j6"CTW066 Cu]H0$ 3CTW067 CNQO3&2 CTW068 CQ;& 3CTW069 C!F;& 3CwW070 C!F;& 3Get on Maple St and drive northeastCTW071 CQJvA& 33CTW072 CIRsA'4KCkW073 CV I -: Turn right onto Hwy 113CTW074 C! I-:C|W1032 C"c!t>O Get on Mt Moosilauke Hwy and drive east*@AUW1033 C$c oJ;{>O C*@AUW1034 C$c!{O*@AUW1035 C L! 7Oe*@AUW1036 C L!7I8*@AUW1037 CCw!I8!*@AUW1038 C vBT6`Ix*@AUW1039 CwT16>h*@AUW1040 C v5:(*@AUW1041 C v;8(36V*@AUW1042 C#ox(32*@AUW1043 C#o!(32*@A~W1077 C#o!(32Get on Bakers Hill Rd and drive northwest[@AUW1078 C)ox >2{[@AUW1079 Cw=8/[@AUW1080 Cw!=7[@AUW1081 Cx!{7[@AUW1082 CxC% {r700[@AUW1083 C6x*4[@AUW1084 Cx!}4[@AyW1085 C{Cy8.Turn right onto Dartmouth College Rd[@AkW1086 C {$}8س5Turn left onto Hwy 25a[@AUW1087 C${_:ͼ9X[@AUW1088 C#{4N9*[@AUW1089 C#{!N9*[@AaW10Mech Ck.?10 Mechanic St`W119Bet CF119 Bethel RdkW218AgassizRd C 7{218 Agassiz RdCvW232 CIk!G,Get on Riverton Rd and drive south ChW233 CFk22Keep right onto US 3 CTW234 Ckbx: CTW235 Ck˙ CTW236 Ck=I$ CTW237 Cnf-[ CTW238 C'f6 CTW239 C(f+  CTW240 C&f%; CkW241 CmfX*TTurn right onto Hwy 116 CTW242 C%fR CTW243 C$fN CjW244 CCT9ef =Turn left onto Hwy 142 CTW245 CT#e~50>  CtW246 CTdM1X MTurn left onto Maplewood Hill Rd CkW247 CTc[>D}p iTurn right onto Main St CTW248 CATx`^| CmW249 CT_8|4Turn left onto Agassiz Rd C_W24Wint C#\MK&24 Winter StTW250 CT,`Q8@|  CTW251 CT!;86{ CuW252 CT!;Q86{ Get on Agassiz Rd and drive south CTW253 CT`8{ CTW254 CDf0<u CTW255 C3XA`2rl CkW256 C8X.At9HrOTurn right onto Main St CTW257 C1X$?2Rs CTW258 C1X!2Rs CzW282 C!VHGet on Wilsons Mill Rd and drive northwestPW283 C~ !H3:PW284 CW *3CPW285 Cf <3PW286 C, lz3 PW287 Ca* t3gW288 C_cqj30Turn right onto Main SthW289 C%BΖ*i3Turn left onto Berlin RdPW290 C&G$c3nW291 C&PgBʹW3Turn right onto Muzzey Hill RdPW292 C&! 4^W3yW300 C&! 4^WGet on Muzzey Hill Rd and drive southwestPW301 C&e^\S3gW302 C%>vEDK3iTurn right onto Hwy 110PW303 CZ= H3PW304 C&=H3-PW305 C'[#.Xb43PW306 CUX!;Z\+3PW307 C!:!p +3PW308 CV <'3PW309 CV!I'3sW338 C!!4C7LhGet on E Madison Rd and drive southPW339 C%1 E7LhkPW340 C"N;T1|rPW341 C"!N;T1|rnW342 C"!N;T1|r8Get on Hwy 153 and drive northPW343 C( EFT1|rPW344 C3Cl:^uPW345 C3!Cl:^uqW473 C !\=O̮pGet on Hancock St and drive northPW474 C&̮PW475 Cܿkn^PW476 C ̵FPW477 C!n̵FnW495 C!V<Get on Carry Rd and drive eastPW496 CV<5PW497 C~VHPW498 C!VHqW540 C! I-:Get on Hwy 113 and drive east@ATW541 Cc|I$,B:@ATW542 Cd C,,Ds@AoW543 Ce=N*O PW648 C"c!t>O |W660 C3!Cl:^uGet on Brownfield Rd and drive southeast@ATW661 C3; Cl:^u@ATW662 C3!? Cr:ڂ@ATW663 Cc! r:ڂ(@ATW684 CŪ-:*@ATW685 C&H=Ί*@ATW686 C*^>@ATW687 C!^>@AwW711 C#{!N9*Get on US Route 5 N and drive southwestPW712 Cc{4+lN9*aPW713 C%{949&mW714 C&{Fq>8&Turn right onto Lake Morey RdhW715 C={ 8Turn left onto Ramp rampPW716 C={! 89oW717 C={!c 898Get on Ramp and drive southwestPW718 C({ 8Rd81tW719 C5 H("Take exit 10S to the right onto I-89PW720 C 5@}pPW721 C7 @}ZPW722 C!,[@}=bjoW723 C!,[@}=bjGet on I-89 and drive southeastPW724 CZ@}xW725 C+ nc Take exit 20 to the right onto S Main StiW726 CYr~!Turn right onto S Main StPW727 Cr6PW728 C!r6zW740 C!^>Get on Haley Town Road and drive northi@ATW741 C*ȡ ^>i@ATW742 C! IFi@ATW743 C!IF&i@A~W744 C  JXTurn right onto 10th Mountain Division Hwyi@ATW745 C3BLڅi@ATW746 C16Mb%i@ATW747 C/ϕ iM|{i@ATW748 C.Vڌ#i@AmW749 C,+ߊ`XTurn right onto Lovell Rdi@ATW750 C,ߊ`ji@ATW751 C,! ߊ`ji@AcW7Muzze C&5_W7 Muzzey Hill RdsW829 C,! ߊ`jGet on Lovell Rd and drive east@ATW830 C, ߊ`j@ATW831 C5(b@ATW832 Cdx@AoW833 C&NFhtTurn left onto Waterford Rd@ATW834 Ck@ApW835 Cn$Keep right onto Waterford Rd@AmW836 C@p6Turn right onto Norway Rd@ATW837 C! ljq@ATW838 C2Q$Ghp @ATW839 C0QGU:pd@ATW840 C/Q!IpD5@AkW841 C1QNfpTurn left onto Paris St@ATW842 C.Q S%npc@AjW843 CHXMYr.Turn left onto High St@ATW844 CH4X rLl@ATW845 CG)/|~V7@ATW846 CG-\n@ATW847 CF!5@AtW883 CF!5YGet on Bethel Rd and drive north@ATW884 C2F,MH @ATW885 CF,FOD@ATW886 CF/,x u@AkW887 C"*B\Keep right onto Hwy 232@AhW888 C"К"Turn right onto US 2@ATW889 C3kEN&@ATW890 CVQ9@AnW891 CUOج@"Turn left onto Franklin St@ATW892 C-D߆6 @ATW893 C4w3v @ATW894 C5,̭@ATW895 C.+] @ATW896 C =O̮@ATW897 C !\=O̮@AsW915 C!n̵FGet on Black Brg and drive east)@ATW916 C  VB̵F)@AmW917 ClTurn left onto Roxbury Rd)@ATW918 C++R")@ATW919 C_#])@ATW920 C2F[¯F)@ATW921 CV<)@ATW922 C!V<)@AsW944 C#!\JK&Get on Winter St and drive east@ATW945 C#f .f '@ATW946 C" N@'@ATW947 CiJ+@ATW948 Ci!J+@AyW961 Ci!J+Get on Lost Nation Rd and drive southɷ@ATW962 CiJ+ɷ@AmW963 Ci_pp&Turn right onto Grange Rdɷ@AlW964 Ci-!Turn right onto North Rdɷ@ATW965 Ck> ɷ@AnW966 CkKeep left onto Mechanic Stɷ@ATW967 Ck ɷ@ATW968 Ck!Q/?ɷ@A`WBrownf C3l:^uBrownfield Rd_WBrush1 C"c>O Brushwood Rd_WBrushw C"cUBrushwood Rd{WGovernorJohnWen C& 3Governor John Wentworth HwyC[WGrovetC 'GrovetonZWHwy119 C!7LhHwy 113ZWHwy122 C̵FHwy 120ZWHwy123 CN^[vHwy 112ZWHwy124 CLXHwy 116ZWHwy125 C(o2Hwy 118iWHwy12a C6Hwy 12a and Airport RdZWHwy153 C"T1|rHwy 153XWHwy16 CHHwy 16[WHwy175 C48Hwy 175aYWHwy251 C+QHwy 25ZWHwy25a C${N9*Hwy 25aVWHwy4 C<Hwy 4XWHwy93 C,`jHwy 93UWI-89 C<ejI-89aWLostN1 CiJ+Lost Nation RdaWNorthSC -:North SandwichUWRamp C RampVWRamp1 C={ 88Ramp[WRiverR C&^>River RdTUWUS21 C*̮US 2TbWWallac C1XRsWallace Hill RdRRt3 WDGAH7 Ȏ=Hwy12a C666001 C!rrC6666002 CYrrC6~~6003 C ccC ~~004 C! cRamp C 009 C!l ccC 010 C @}@}CTГ8btd| | `BBTBTB011 ClG }}C'TBVV8 ƛ ڜ  * 0< \J R X ޝV P H: ( (    X |  Bƣ| v0v0rD`zF< .X .B012 C PbPbC  .t2f.\&X RRV^jإΥҥ2RΥ013 CI{I{Czzb^֦֦^014 CKzzC ^֦\\f4xX$ NLV`jt*~4~4\֦015 C. wN{{C~4@P. xN |x | z x x2 L ` x ª ڪ  4 tx r fl L ʬ* 0* 0    " "~4016 C RyyC " 6 J f  ܮ  : l    n \* ް.Rnֱ "017 C#8UzzC2& r< < 018 C%{Vt y|y|C>< D F F > ( @ d  س  r r ´:Ե:..v  b  $ 6L h^ |  ڻ   : X r r   F \  pt X @: ~. . 8 2P T V P V h^ ^ T ( J  019 C+ :y{y{C ~ v t .t xx N d   j   t       Z    t 020 C* >yyC  T     021 C- H?){{C    022 C- ?[{{C   B L X     023 C1 A||C    & H j  , X p x   . < h h  024 C!|h h h 025 C'!>>C h z     8Xh4TZh 026 C'ߓ>>C+z8>`\~8Hn@Nj .@JNL4HF>f (J4zHl>L,\:bfx027 C'o}==CLXx`^vn|4LHF&8::\DxXh~,Nt(8B@NjXzjv~pt.Tp N   *!.>!<^!N!!!"","V"t"f""""r#t###t$4$.$&$&$,$6%T*%d>%N%T%X% b%&b%&028 C%o<<Cb%&l%8%,&&J&Lx&&&z'$'6':n'r'''' '4((b%&029 Cto%C( ) )(030 C&op==C@ )(((Nt(T( B(J*(t('$'$&&2j&b@&&&&8%Z%%%D$j$z$$$$H$$X$0$$$$($$`$`n$^$ZT$N$H$4$"$#n## #""`"""^"!! ^!n4!! 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